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Loan Schedule


CategoriesRate of InterestMaximum PeriodMaximum Amount
Real Estate (mortgage)7%20 years$150,000
Land (mortgage)7.5%20 years$150,000
Vehicle (new)10%7 years$75,000
Vehicle (1-4 years)10%6 years$60,000
Vehicle (over 4 years)10%4 years$45,000
Home Improvement / Repairs10%3-7 years$25,000
Medical10%3-7 years$20,000
Business10%3-7 years$20,000
Household Furniture/Appliances10%3-7 years$20,000
Education6%3-7 years$20,000
Travel10%3-7 years$20,000
Other*10%3-7 years$20,000
Personal10%3-7 years$10,000
Christmas9%1 year$2,500
Back to School9%1 year$2,500

Christmas/Back to School loans:No security, member must be in good standing.

All other loans must have security.  Persons must be in good standing, must have a good credit record and a regular saving pattern.

Vehicles: Stamp duty for a bill of sale: $6.00 for every $1000 and $10 registration fee.

*Other: Weddings, Funerals, Debt Consolidation, etc.

 Home Improvement/Repairs: Quotation from contractor and quotation from supplier who you will be buying materials from

Debt Consolidation: All current bills/statements showing balances to be paid